Cure Putter Review

Over the past year Robert has added the Cure Putter to his bag. While Rob’s long game has always been spectacular, his putting had room for improvement. With the unique Cure Putter design with the high MOI (moment of inertia), he gave it a try, and fell in love. The numbers speak for themselves.

It’s a great putter and it’s completely changed my career for the last month – just being able to be on the plus side of strokes gained putting. As soon as I put this putter in the bag, I made a cut and then finished in the top 25, then I finished in the top five,  I almost won Dallas. I had a good chance at congressional, I just didn’t hit it as good but my putter kept me going in the Top 10. I was + 2.38 in putting – I don’t think I’ve ever been that my career. That’s huge! If I can have bad weeks in ball striking and still finish in the Top 10 like that, it just makes me smile. It’s just awesome. I’m so excited. Everybody’s asking me about it now that I’m playing well and putting well.

Cure has taken the tour by storm with multiple tour pros on the PGA Tour, and Champions Tour Players adding the Cure Putter to their bags. With multiple models, colors, weight adjustability, and additional putter customization, its easy to see why.

I’ve putted with a number of putters over the years, long short, I’ve probably done everything – It was really refreshing when I picked up the Cure putter. It’s really nice, the roll is incredible… and once I picked one of these up, I started rolling putts in right away. That gave me confidence and confidence in the game is everything.

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