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The Caddie Scholarship & Benevolence Fund


AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - Round Two

On a weekly basis covering the three major US Tour’s (PGA, Champions and and the European Tour there are 612 caddies working these events.  In addition, thousands of caddies have retired following years of service during professional golf’s eighty-five year legacy.  To date, there are no charitable organizations in operation to provide funds and services for emergency benevolence funds for caddies in need – nor is there a scholarship fund set up to support the children of active and retired caddies.  The mission of Caddie Scholarship and Benevolence Fund is to provide emergency funds to caddies in need, as well as to provide scholarship funds to the children and grandchildren of caddies.  The game of professional golf could not function without the tireless efforts of professional caddies.  It is long overdue that an organization be established to meet the needs of caddies and our organization will do this.  Caddies’ survival and income is directly tied to the performance of their golfers.  There are many highs and lows with only the caddies for the top players in the world being able to save for retirement and provide for their families on a long-term basis.  We seek to provide a safety net for the vast majority of caddies who do not have the financial security to provide for their families in emergency situations or have the financial resources to pay for their children’s continuing education.

Northern Trust Open - Round Three

The emergency financial assistance and scholarship programs would be publicized to caddies and the general public through promotional advertising and earned media (e.g., television, Internet, magazine and newspaper stories) in connection with professional golf tournaments.  Scholarships will be made available for all levels of higher education in the number and amount determined by the success of the organization’s fundraising efforts.  The board of directors initially will serve as the scholarship selection committee.  Award decisions will be based on materials submitted by the applicant and phone or in-person interviews.  Scholarships will be renewed in the discretion of the board of directors and only for students maintaining at least a 2.0 grade point average.  Scholarship recipients will be required to submit a certified transcript to the board of directors at the end of each academic year.  Scholarship payments will be made directly to the applicable institution of higher education.  The organization’s officers, directors, substantial contributors, and their families are not eligible to receive emergency financial assistance or scholarships from the organization.  Individuals seeking emergency financial assistance are required to submit a letter with appropriate supporting documentation (e.g., medical bills, fire or natural disaster records, tax returns, etc.).  All scholarships and emergency financial assistance materials will be retained by the organization consistent with the document retention and destruction policy adopted by the board of directors and attached hereto.




Valspar Championship - Round One